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This is a tough business. The editor, EXP looks hard to identify trends in investment opportunities and also coaches followers on several proven stock market strategies. is an independent publisher to financial enthusiasts around the world by discovering unbiased, truthful research and market timing. Strategist EXP decided to develop a monthly newsletter, as well as an intraday contact service to help answer daily questions for followers during market hours. We do a lot of research for you, the busy CEO, Dr, Executive, Professor, Investor, Trader...


Currently we are reaching Italy, Austrailia, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Spain, Mexico, USA and other areas so thank you for your support! The service is great for discount broker account investors and traders who need trading lessons and stock ideas.

There are Two Tier Services Offered For First Reported To You Before Others:
Subscribers Get Research / Articles First Before The Crowd.

Some Testimonials:

                               2 Monthly Services:

                          --- Stock Market Bootcamps are very expensive ---

                               --- We Offer Monthly Coaching and Proven Research ---

1) The Monthly Newsletter Only: $50 per month
     (This gets you the Stock Newsletter, but Does Not include
     any updates, email alerts, or DM stock chat with EXP)

   For The Busy Executive

2) The EXP Newsletter + Direct Access + Email Updates: $100 per month
     (This gets you the Newsletter plus intraday Tweet for
     help, email updates, and DM stock help from EXP. This
     works great for busy executives or someone who may
     trade with discount brokers and needs help with ideas.)
The EXPstocktrader Newsletter is published only 1 time per month.

Tier 2 or the $100 monthly subscribers get weekly updates and daily DM chat with strategist EXP during market hours.

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